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You will not find these Erotic Books cheaper anywhere in Oz.

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BLUE ANGEL NIGHTS (Erotic Fiction) BLUE BUTTERFLY, THE (Erotic Fiction) BLUE GUIDE, THE : On the Grand Tour of Desire (Erotic Romance) BOND, THE (Erotic Fiction)
BLUE ANGEL NIGHTS (Erotic Fiction)
by Margarete von Falkensee
Price: $6.95
This is the delightfully wicked story of an era of infinite possibilities — especially when...
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BLUE BUTTERFLY, THE (Erotic Fiction)
by Don Winslow
Price: $6.95
Stories describing in exquisite detail the sensual power and fascinating allure of a particular...
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BLUE GUIDE, THE : On the Grand Tour of Desire (Erotic Romance)
by Carrie Williams
Price: $6.95
"Threesomes never looked this good." Cocktails, room service, spa treatments: Alicia Shaw is a girl...
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BOND, THE (Erotic Fiction)
by Gordon, Lindsay
Price: $6.95
A chase across America by a cruelly well endowed bounty hunter and a voluptuous, increasingly...
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BOUDOIR, THE (Erotic Fiction) BRIGHT FIRE BRUSH STROKES (Erotic Fiction Fetish) BURN (Erotic Fiction)
BOUDOIR, THE (Erotic Fiction)
by Anonymous
Price: $6.95
In the great tradition of The Pearl comes the erotic periodical that shocked Victorian England....
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Price: $8.95
"He followed her back to the fur bed and helped remove her woven shawl. He pressed it to his face...
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BRUSH STROKES (Erotic Fiction Fetish)
by Penny Birch
Price: $6.95
Amber Oakley is dominant and beautifuljust a little too beautiful for her own good. Her fellow...
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BURN (Erotic Fiction)
Price: $6.95
Nicholas Wilde is a 50 year old painter shunned by the art elite, Rose Selavy is the 24 year old...
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BURNING BRIGHT: Love in the Time of Tyrants (Erotic Fiction) BUSTY (Erotic Fiction) CAMPAIGN HEAT (Erotic Fiction) CANING ABLE (Erotic Fiction)
BURNING BRIGHT: Love in the Time of Tyrants (Erotic Fiction)
by Ashbless, Janine
Price: $6.95
Two lovers, brought together by a forbidden passion, are on the run from their pasts. Veraine was...
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BUSTY (Erotic Fiction)
by King, Tom
Price: $6.95
Busty is a collection of original short stories and confessions from both women and men, collected...
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CAMPAIGN HEAT (Erotic Fiction)
by Marcola, Gabrielle
Price: $6.95
When powerful men get caught with their pants down, they call on Cassie Hayes, spin doctor...
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CANING ABLE (Erotic Fiction)
by Kent, Stan
Price: $6.95
""Caning Able" is a modern-day version of the melodramatic tales of Victorian erotica. Full of...
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