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Complete Magician’s Tables, The

Stephen Skinner
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ESOTERIC SCARCE! Contains the most complete set of tabular correspondences covering magic, astrology, divination, alchemy, tarot, I-Ching, kabbalah, gematria, grimoires, angels, demons, pagan pantheons, plants, perfumes, incenses, religious and mystical correspondences currently in print. They are more than four times more tables than in Crowley’s Liber 777. The source of the data in these tables ranges from unpublished manuscript mediaeval grimoires and Kabbalistic works, Peter de Abano, Abbott Trithemius, Albertus Magnus, Henry Cornelius Agrippa, Dr John Dee, Dr Thomas Rudd, Tycho Brahe, MacGregor Mathers (and the editors of Mathers work, Aleister Crowley and Israel Regardie), to the most modern theories of prime numbers and atomic weights. The sources include many key grimoires such the Sworn Book, Liber Juratus, the Lemegeton (Goetia, Theurgia-Goetia, Almadel, Pauline Art), Abramelin, and in the 20th century the grimoire of Franz Bardon. All this material has been grouped and presented in a consistent and logical way covering the whole Western Mystery tradition and some relevant parts of the Eastern tradition. Some of the Tables included in this work: Alchemy and Alchemists; Angels: Biblical and Gnostic; Astrology: Zodiac, Planets, Decans, Mansions of the Moon, Fixed Stars and Constellations; Buddhist Meditation; Christianity; Colour Scales; Demons; Dr John Dees Angels; Emblems; Feng Shui and Taoist Magic; Gematria; Geomancy; Grimoires; Herbs; Islamic and Arab Magic; Isopsephy; Judaism; Kabbalah; Letters, Alphabets & Numbers; Magic and Sorcery; Mind, Body and Spirit; Natural Magic: Plants, Stones; Orders, Grades and Officers; Pagan Pantheons; Perfumes & Incenses; Planetary & Olympic Spirits; Questing and Chivalry; Sacred Geometry; Tarot; Timeline: Magicians, Kabbalists, Alchemists, Astrologers; Knights Templar; Vedic and Hindu Meditation and Magic; Wheel of the Year: Hours, Months, Seasons, Festivals; Yi Jing / I Ching.
pp. 432 #020322 (No dustjacket)

Additional Information

AuthorStephen Skinner
Number of pagespp. 432
PublisherGolden Hoard Press
Year Published2006
Binding Type

Hardcover. Original cloth

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