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Original Australians, The

Andrew Arthur AbbieR
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Aboriginal Indigenous Studies. Chap.1; First encounters, land and sea from 1605; Chap.2; Physical characteristics; Chap.3; Environment, tribal distribution, shelters; Chap.4; Diet, hunting, cooking, fluid intake, narcotics, diet; Chap.5; Endemic and introduced diseases, present day medical services; Chap.6; Traditional material culture; Chap.7; Spirit beliefs, totemism, ceremonies; Chap.8; Magic and sorcery; Chap.9; General notes on language, music, musical instruments, dancing; sacred objects, art; Chap.10; Social organisation; Chap.11; Origin and antiquity, migration; Chap.12; Law, reserves, missions, education, assimilation, integration, present day problems; map at front shows sites, expeditions – Kalumburu, Yuendumu, Haasts Bluff, Yalata, Maningrida, Beswick.


Aboriginal Australians


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AuthorAndrew Arthur AbbieR
Number of pages271
PublisherRigby / Seal Books
Year Published1976 revised edition
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