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MAYFAIR Girls of Summer No. 04


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Actual image of listing. Note bookshop labels and mark to cover.

Harriet photographed by Siwer Ohlsson
Jayne photographed by Michael Ancher
Coral photographed by John Graham
Karen photographed by Peter Flodquist

36 Going by the Board: Windsurfing wonderland by David Edmund-Jones
11 Harriet: Full-bodied wine buff photographed by Siwer Ohlsson
19 Jayne: Cream of Devon photographed by Michael Ancher
30 Coral: Photo assistant exposed photographed by John Graham
43 Karen: Venus di Smilo photographed by Peter Flodquist
52 Pat: A pool winner photographed by Paul Von Stroheim
60 Luria: High interest bank girl photographed by Gerth Sernelin
67 Adrianne: Our fiery Latin lover photographed by Siwer Ohlsson
76 Michelle: Birmingham beauty bared photographed by Donald Milne
84 Jeanette: Million dollar Penthouse pet photographed by Jean Rougeron
95 Anne: Lone ranger from Toronto photographed by John Allum
105 June: Asset stripper photographed by Michael Moore
116 Anita: Desert island disc jockey photographed by Michael Ancher
126 Fatirna: Bra-less in Brazil photographed by Donald Milne
132 Laura: A train fare lady photographed by Allan Sass
140 Hazel: Tu-tu much ballet girl photographed by Mario Marnoto
148 Ashley: A florist in bloom photographed by Roy Brewington
156 Selina: A girl for all seasons photographed by Geoff Howes
163 Marina : The vet-look lovely photographed by Michael Ancher
49 Faith, Grope and Charity: Church fete-1 attraction by Brian Forbes
73 Naked and the Red: Nudist camp comedy by Brian Forbes
83,131,155 Gentlemen, That Reminds Me: Summery selection of reader’s jokes
122 Just Not Cricket: Batty tales by Phil Drackett
176 Carrie: Doing the breast stroke by Steve Kingston
26 Mortimer Mouth: A manic mannequin by Ken Warris
56 The Misadventures of Melanie: A tempting temp takes it all down
92 The Last Time I saw Carla: Sex Queen of the African bush by J P Gordon

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