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Lady Cottington’s Pressed Fairy Book (Signed by Illustrator)

Jones, Terry


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Signed (with drawing) by Brian Froud, illustrator, on title page (see image). Collectable!

“July 6th 1895. Nanna wuldnt bleive me. Ettie wuldnt bleive me. Auntie Mercy wuldn’t bleive me. But I got one. Now theyv got to blieve me.” What young Angelica Cottington “got” was…a fairy. And, you are holding the evidence in your hands! It really happened–a hoax perpetrated by two girls who claimed to have photographed actual “fairies”; among the people caught up in the popular hysteria were Arthur Conan Doyle (who fell for it) and Harry Houdini (who did not). Now, this remarkable parody, written by a former member of the Monty Python troupe, takes a sly look at what happened in a fashion that’s riotously witty, visually extraordinary, and wildly original. In every respect, this “handwritten diary” captures the look of the age–though the fairies, it is true, do sometimes have a more malevolent aspect than one might expect…A fresh–and funny–take on the true story that inspired two movies. 9 1/8 X 12. All in Colour.

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AuthorJones, Terry
Year Published2001
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