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To the Desert with Sturt : A Diary of the 1844 expedition

Daniel George Brock; Kenneth Peake-Jones (ed.)
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xxi, 222 p. : col. front., facsims., map (on lining papers) ; 23 cm. #0921 (Prev ownership name)

Edited by Kenneth Peake-Jones; written by a member of the expedition who served in the capacity of collector (bird specimens) and armourer uncomplimentary to Sturt and other members of the expedition; few significant references to Aborigines; mentions meeting various groups relations amicable, sometimes following initial period of shyness; p.18; Corroboree (body decoration, music, enactment of kangaroo killing); p.20; Bloody encounters with natives on the Rufus by earlier expeditionary forces; wounding of Robinson during most recent attack; p.21; Two native guides – Nappa (p.63) and Nitebook, native respect for Eyre; p.25; Wurleys sighted, native stove, cooking mashed plant roots; p.26; Reports native attack of whites on Darling River; p.27; Native messenger system; p.30; Native messenger/guide Tuando (Toonda in Sturt diary) aids mapping; p.31; Reference to unfriendly tribes; p.37; Darling River natives with spears turn out to be friendly, corrects earlier statement (p.26) re native attack of whites (men of Mitchell party had killed native woman and child); p.38-39; Wooden spade used in catching grubs; p.39 – description of 3 natives p.41; Nitebooks jocular nature, observations of native women; p.42; Unfriendly relations between tribes; p.44-45; Wangarra Aborigine acts as guide in Laidleys Ponds area; p.47-48; Jacky – Aboriginal messenger from Morunde; p.50-51; Recounts in detail murder of native women by member of Mitchell party (p.26) related by native called Tou-pa (Topar in Sturt diary); p.52; Native production of twine; p.54; Native hat; p.56; Tuando wants to leave expedition; p.61; Encounter with native women; p.63; Nappa & Tuando leave party; p.67; Cicatrization; p.81; Emu trap; p.85; Meet half starved natives, mention of hair and fur rope belt, boomerang, tomahawk; p.100; Description of native huts; p.109; Meet natives afraid of the party; p.111; Food preparation from grass seed; p.135; Humorous description of natives shock at seeing Brocks white legs, feet; p.148; Native Pappas momentarily instills hope of finding inland sea; p.178; Native preparation of flour; p.186; Native attempts theft of jacket; p.188; Successful theft of blanket by native; p.194; Native care with food; p.220; Encounter native (called Pulcanti by Sturt) on Murray River who wounded Robinson (p.20), account of his earlier attempted escape; p.221; Party joined by Tuando and Nitebook.
Brock, Daniel George, 1811-1867. | Sturt, Charles, 1795-1869. | Australia. Exploration, 1844-1846. Personal observations | Housing – Shelters. | Gathering – Insects – Grubs. | Technology – Stone – Axes / hatchets. | Weapons – Spears. | Material culture – String and rope making. | Costume and clothing – Belts and waistbands. | Body – Scarification. | Music. | Dance – Ceremonial. | Material culture – Human hair objects and decorations. | Food – Insects – Grubs. | Food – Preparation. | Weapons – Boomerangs. | Substance use. | Communications. | Hunting – Birds – Emus. | Hunting – Kangaroo / Wallaby. | Body – Decoration. | Settlement and contacts – Explorers. | Race relations – Violent – Massacres, murders, poisonings etc. – To 1900. | Food – Meat – Kangaroo / Wallaby. | Health status – Nutrition. | Technology – Wood. | Australia — Discovery and exploration. | New South Wales — Discovery and exploration. | South Australia — Discovery and exploration. | River Murray (SW NSW, N Vic, SE SA SI54, SI55) | Lake Menindee (Willandra NW NSW SI54-03) | South East South Australia (SE SA SI54, SJ54) | Rufus River (SW NSW SI54-11) | Darling River (NSW SH55, SI54) | North East South Australia (NE SA SG54, SH54)

Additional Information

AuthorDaniel George Brock; Kenneth Peake-Jones (ed.)
Number of pagesxxi, 222 p. : col. front., facsims., map (on lining papers) ; 23 cm.
PublisherThe Royal Geographical Society of Australia, South Australia
Year Published1975
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Hardcover in Dustjacket, Near Fine. Light edge wear to jacket

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Fine slightly shelf-worn dustjacket