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Books in ART DESIGN Art Theory, Criticism, Aesthetics, Craft

"Art is a collaboration between God and the artist, and the less the artist does the better".
Andre Gide.



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Michael Parkes Milton Resnick: A Question Of Seeing, Paintings 1959-1963 Morgan Russell MOTI: Kaiko Moti.
Michael Parkes
by Parkes, Michael and Frans Duister
Price: $30.00
Artist Michael Parkes (1944, USA) is one of the world’s leading artists in the field of Magic...
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Milton Resnick: A Question Of Seeing, Paintings 1959-1963
by Resnick, Milton
Price: $35.00
Milton Resnick (Januar y 7, 1917 – March 12, 2004) was an abstract...
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Morgan Russell
by Kushner, Marilyn S
Price: $20.00
Morgan Russell (Januar y 25, 1886 – May 29, 1953) was a modern American artist....
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MOTI: Kaiko Moti.
by John Walker, Louis Frederic, Albert Squillace
Price: $20.00
Kaiko Moti's master etchings in sumptuously illustrated catalogue raisonne. Throughou t Kaiko...
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Museum, Media, Message NANCY SPERO NECESSITY OF ART, THE : A Marxist Approach Old Mistresses: Women, Art and Ideology
Museum, Media, Message
by Hooper-Greenhill, Eilean (ed.)
Price: $15.00
First Edition. Museums: New Visions, New Approaches. Thi s volume considers in depth the most...
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by Jon Bird, Jo Anna Isaak, Sylvere Lotringer
Price: $20.00
American artist Nancy Spero concentrates on the depiction of women: mythological women, movie...
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NECESSITY OF ART, THE : A Marxist Approach
by Fischer, Ernst
Price: $10.00
'In this challenging book Ernst Fischer, the Austrian poet and critic surveys the whole history of...
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Old Mistresses: Women, Art and Ideology
by Pollock, Griselda; Parker, Rozsika
Price: $18.00
A new perspective on feminist art history demonstrating the relevance of the history of art to...
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PERMANENT RED : Essays in Seeing Pictoplasma: characters in motion 2 Pictures as Arguments Practice of Tempera Painting, The
PERMANENT RED : Essays in Seeing
by Berger, John
Price: $18.00
In the introduction to this early collection Perm anent Red, one of the first pieces in this...
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Pictoplasma: characters in motion 2
by Peter Thaler, Lars Denicke, Alex Fuchs, Pictoplasm
Price: $15.00
Traditional animation systems of interchangeable characteristics, predictable story telling and...
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Pictures as Arguments
by Hess, Hans
Price: $10.00
"What does modern art really stand for? What can one deduce from it about the state of our society...
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Practice of Tempera Painting, The
by Thompson, Daniel V.
Price: $12.00
Historical background, step-by-step instruction, materials, permanence. Lucid, careful exposition...
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