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This only searches the 12,000+ titles on this website, not the 400,000+ books in our shops!

Elizabeth’s Bookshops: Book dealers since 1973

Elizabeth’s Bookshops are one of Australia’s largest second-hand bookshop operations, with 4 stores on both sides of the Australian continent. Established in 1973, Elizabeth’s Bookshops are now in Perth and Fremantle (WA) and Newtown (NSW).

History: Way back in 1973, the first Elizabeth’s Bookshop was in Broadway Fair, Nedlands WA (next to the University of Western Australia). Since then, there have been WA branches in Subiaco, Cottesloe and in various locations in Perth and Fremantle. In Sydney, we had a branch in Oxford Street (Darlinghurst), in Pitt Street (Sydney CBD) and in another location in Newtown.

Yes, there is a real Elizabeth!

Elizabeth has been the Founding Partner (now retired from active duty) of Elizabeth’s Bookshops since its establishment in 1973.

Our current stock is in excess of 400,000 books.

Much of our stock is sourced locally, from customers bringing in their books to the Fremantle Warehouse and the King Street, Newtown shop.

We also scour the world for you on overseas buying expeditions. (Yes – Economy Class, next to the toilet J)

In the UK, we have a network of small second-hand and specialist antiquarian bookshops (stretching from Brighton to Yorkshire to Wales) from whom we buy.

It is a very broad range: We but expensive traditional Victorian Family Bibles (brass clasps and all the fruit) from the bloke that binds books for the British Library and second-hand Penguins from market-traders in Norfolk and Sussex.

In the USA, we visit enormous dusty warehouses of publisher’s left-overs to buy piles of art and philosophy and whatever looks funky, obscure, esoteric and interesting.

Our website only lists a few thousand of the hundreds of thousands of titles we have in stock… We are essentially “bricks-and-mortar” bookshops, but quite a few of the “gems” are on this website. (You can examine all of the listed items at our Fremantle Warehouse!)

We only list less than 1% of our current stock on the website. (In a very busy second-hand bookshop, it is basically impractical to list books that might come into stock in the morning and be sold by lunchtime.) Yes, we probably will have a vintage Agatha Christie title or the latest John le Carre in stock, but they move too quickly to list and then de-list them.

We are very glad that you are visiting our website and hope you find something… But we would really also like to meet you in person in Elizabeth’s Bookshops!

We Buy Books

We are always interested in purchasing good quality second-hand books from the public although at the moment we are packed to the rafters with good quality stock.

Therefore, if you are interested in selling your books to us be aware that we are being very selective in regards to the quality of the titles that we are taking in.

Please call us on one of the numbers below, so we can explain our (currently very restricted) buying criteria and procedure. Unfortunately, we cannot give valuations or even estimates on the phone.

Please do not send us detailed lists with images, etc. Unless we specifically ask you for them, we cannot buy from lists. Please just give us a call, so we can explain our current buying criteria (which change as our stock changes) and procedure.

Current wants include: Recent Bestseller and Literary Fiction, History and Military History, Comics and Graphic Novels, WICCA, Esoteric, Science, Artbooks, Fashion, Philosophy, Penguin Books (Orange, Grey, Black) Motoring, Music, Sailing, True Crime.

Other categories of Wants change on a day-to-day basis, so please check with us.

In WA, please contact Elizabeth’s Warehouse at 23 Queen Victoria Street, Fremantle. Please phone: (08) 9433 3236 before bringing them in.

In NSW, please contact Elizabeth’s Bookshop Newtown Branch at 257 King Street, Newtown. please phone (02) 9550 5691 before bringing them in.

Book Donations

If you simply want to dispose of your books, but hate throwing them away…

Yes, WE ACCEPT DONATIONS. We will find a good home for them (As long as it’s not swapping your rubbish bin for our rubbish bin).

At the Quarry Street entrance our Fremantle Warehouse is a “Donations” trolley. Please place your donations in there. If you have a larger quantity, come inside and let a staff member know and they will be happy to help you out.

Current wants include: Recent Bestseller and Literary Fiction, Science Fiction, Children’s Books (but they must be in excellent condition!), Comics, Artbooks, Penguin Books (Orange, Grey, Black), Philosophy, Motoring, Music, Sailing, True Crime, Titles on Reading Lists (but not textbooks per se).

In WA, please call our warehouse (23 Queen Victoria Street, Fremantle) on (08) 9433 3236.
In NSW, please call our Newtown branch (257 King Street, Newtown) on (02) 9550 5691.

Jobs at Elizabeth’s Bookshop

How can I apply for a job at Elizabeth’s Bookshops?

We are always interested in hearing from people who would like to join the Elizabeth’s Bookshops team.

We advertise WA and NSW job vacancies on our Facebook page.

We also are happy to accept applications from people at any time – whether we currently have a vacancy or not.

If your application looks promising, we actually DO contact you before advertising. (Hint: Being a customer and charming the staff is NOT a wasted effort!)

Because of the lengthy training programme in becoming a book dealer at Elizabeth’s, we usually require a minimum 18 months commitment to the job. (And preferably a lot longer.)

Persons with an interest in a long term career leading to management positions are also encouraged to apply.