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World of Environmental Design: Urban Spaces I (Streets and Squares)

Francisco Asensio Cerver


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FrancThe best work in the field of landscape architecture is profiled in a volume that features settings of streets and squares.This edition observes and interprets the most interesting landscaping proposals conceived for today’s urban settings. All the squares, parks, thoroughfares, dividing features, gardens, and other urban schemes that make up the landscape of the city are included. The plans analyzed respond to all the principles and criteria consistent with Robert Irwin’s now-classic concept that each project be generated by characteristics of the site itself. pp. 255 FINE in slipcase. Heavy oversized book. #1020

Additional Information

AuthorFrancisco Asensio Cerver
PublisherArco Editorial Board
Year Published1994
Book Condition


Binding Type

Hardcover in Slip Case