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Ansel Adams: Fiat Lux, The Premier Exhibition of Photographs of the University of California -1st Edition/1st Printing

Adams, Ansel; Edited by Melinda Wortz


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In March of 1963, Ansel Adams (United States, 1902-1984) and the American photo critic, Nancy Newhall, accepted a commission from the President of the University of California, Clark Kerr, to produce a book that would become a visual document of the entire UC system. The project would commemorate the Centennial Celebration of the University. Four years later, after traveling to the nine UC campuses and UC’s myriad research stations, observatories, natural reserves and agricultural extensions, Fiat Lux: The University of California (McGraw Hill Book Company, 1967) was published. All the negatives in The Sweeney/Rubin Ansel Adams Fiat Lux Collection are archived at the California Museum of Photography, University of California, Riverside. The collection contains 1,761 negatives from the project including negatives in the black and white film formats: 8″x10″, 5″x7″, 4″x5″, 3″x4″, 120, and 35mm.
First Edition. p. 111 Photography #0721

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AuthorAdams, Ansel; Edited by Melinda Wortz
Number of pages111
PublisherUniversity of California Press
Year Published2012
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