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Ger van Elk


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Ger van Elk is a well-traveled Dutch artist who has often worked on and at the intersections of object and (photographic) image, emerging, like his countrymen Jan Dibbets, Stanley Brouwn, and Bas Jan Ader, from a Conceptual art context. Though the early and mid-’60s, when the Dutch artist had already begun to divide his home between Amsterdam and LA (settling, finally, in Holland in 1991), his work was marked by the transatlantic influences of Fluxus and Pop. By the end of the decade, he entered the orbit of Conceptualism at a number of key points. He established a long-term relation with the Amsterdam gallery art & project; took part in the ludic 1968 Rassegna d’Arti Figurative 3: Arte Povera + Azioni Povere” in Amalfi; and in 1969 participated in the concurrent avant-garde surveys “”Op losse schroeven/situaties en cryptostructuren

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AuthorGer van Elk
PublisherStedelijk vanAbbeMuseum / NAI Publishers AS NEW!
Year Published1999
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