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Treasures of the Deep: The Extraordinary Life and Times of Captain Mike Hatcher

Hugh Edwards


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Treasures of the Deep is the exciting true story of one-time Barnardo’s boy and now professional diver Captain Mike Hatcher. It recounts the adventurous tales of Hatcher’s countless discoveries of sunken treasure beneath the seven seas.

This is the story of an Australian adventurer. It is the true story of Michael Hatcher and his life trawling the bottom of the ocean for sunken treasure. Michael Hatcher is a Barnardos orphan turned millionaire. He has made his millions through the sale of artefacts that he has found in exotic locations like Indonesia and thailand. Perhaps most famous of all is the Nanking Cargo, found aboard a sunken Dutch East Indiaman in the South China Seas, which was sold for over GBP 10 million. this book tells of this adventure and others he has had as a modern-day treasure hunter which he searched for his fortune aboard sunken galleons. pp. 279 illusts #0920/260122

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AuthorHugh Edwards
PublisherHarperCollins, Australia
Year Published2000
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Near Fine

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