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Psychiatric Interview, The

Harry Stack Sullivan
ISBN: 0393005062Category:


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This is a book for all those working in the field of psychiatric disorder. It will be invaluable to medical students and doctors training in general practice, emergency medicine and psychiatry. At a time when the assessment of psychiatric patients is the responsibility of a range of clinicians, The Psychiatric Interview will also be of assistance to clinical psychologists, social workers and psychiatric nurses. It will also have a place as a reference book for police and security officers.Ah, if only I could have Harry Stack Sullivan on my shoulder, whispering in my ear as I interview clients…”Don’t be a schmuck”” would be the essence of his whispered wisdom. Of course just reading this book won’t cause one to instantly become an interviewer who’s not a schmuck. It takes a lot of practice — and careful observation and correction of what one is practicing. It takes basic maturity and probably some innate gifts

Additional Information

AuthorHarry Stack Sullivan
Number of pages232
Year Published1970