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When Your Lover Leaves You: Six Stages to Recovery and Growth

R G White side, F E Steinberg
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Whether you’re seething with anger because you’ve caught your lover in bed with someone else, or you’re tormented with despair because you feel devastated and alone, When Your Lover Leaves You walks you through the emotional stages of a breakup and leads you on the road to recovery. It covers topics such as when and why to call your former lover, how to battle insomnia, and who to turn to for support, while offering realistic, practical steps toward recovery. It outlines the six stages we encounter during the aftermath of a breakup: shock, hope, anger, despair, indifference, and growth. Full of reassuring advice written in the tone of a trusted friend, it offers concrete strategies for each stage, including: Don’t force yourself to sleep if you can’t-listen to some soothing music, take a bath, write in a journal, or try some relaxation exercises. Channel your impulses-volunteer for a charity mailing instead of writing to your ex-lover Vent your anger-take a kickboxing class at the gym Pamper yourself-treat yourself to a facial, massage, or new haircut Set new goals-evaluate what you hope to accomplishing your personal and professional life. pp. 99

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AuthorR G White side, F E Steinberg
Number of pagespp.99
PublisherSt Martin's Griffin New York
Year Published2000
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As new.

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