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Rolls Royce in America

John Webb de Campi
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There are many enthusiasts who imagine that all coachwork moun¬ted on the Springfield Rolls-Royce was built by Brewster. By the time they have looked at all of the 446 illustrations in this book, John de Campi will have impressed upon them the error in their thinking. Within these pages are illustrated nearly every different design of coachwork that was ever mounted in America on a Rolls-Royce chassis. One can compare the Sudbury with the Nottingham, the Paddington with the Bucking¬ham and sort out the Ascot, Derby and Speedster differences. Non-American readers will be amazed at the diversity of designs offered as standard by Rolls Royce, of which a selection is illustrated in fine side profile drawings. Chapters cover the beginnings 1906-1920, then onto the Springfield Ghost Period 1920-1926, followed by Phantom 1 1927-1931, the Brewster Phantom 2 1931-1935, the Inskip Phantom 3 1936-1941 and then ‘up to date’, 1941 on. The appendices offer an observer’s guide to the Springfield Rolls Royce, looking at some detailed changes carried out during production. A complete car-by-car tabulation of the Springfield production is also included, giving chassis number, coachbuilder, type of body and other information for the Silver Ghost, Phantom 1, Phantom 2, and Phantom 3. pp. 256 illusts. Small prev owner’s stamp on prelim. #0818

Additional Information

AuthorJohn Webb de Campi
PublisherDalton Watson, UK
Year Published1975
Binding Type

Hardcover in Dustjacket