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Henry Morgan
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After fleeing his pursuers across the icy wastes of northern Russia David Harper has finally arrived in the USA. His enemy is dead, his friend is reconciled and he has two Lapp females to sell before he starts the adventure of his lifetime. He’s had enough of the stark beauty of the tundra. He’s convened with his Gods and developed his spiritual side long enough. It’s time he learned how to party.On the road to Miami he meets an old acquaintance, develops some new ones, and learns that the land of the free is also filled with crazy oddballs; motorbike gangs, native Americans, black supremacists, white supremacists, rich bitches and even richer sugar daddies. It only happens in America and it takes only money to get what he wants and do what he wants, and he wants plenty.Miami Bound follows David from the most northern state in America to the white sandy beaches of the sunshine state, and it witnesses one man’s excess in search of pleasure.Can he get to Miami before Uncle Sam gets to him?

Additional Information

AuthorHenry Morgan
Number of pages217
PublisherChimera Erotica
Year Published2002