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Australia’s Biodiversity: Living Wealth. Exploring Australia’s Plants, Animals and Micro-Organisms

Andrew James Beattie


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This lavishly illustrated introduction to the science of biodiversity is designed particularly for people without formal training in biology but who are interested in or involved with making government or business decisions that affect the environment. Discusses topics such as the origin of biological diversity, how it is measured, what affects it and why it is important. Provides sections on Australia’s unique flora and fauna, and the challenges of conservation in Australia. Includes a foreword by Paul Ehrlich, a glossary, suggestions for further reading and an index. The editor is a professor of biology at Macquarie University. pp. 131 illusts #1020 ISBN 10: 0730104826 ISBN 13: 9780730104827

Additional Information

AuthorAndrew James Beattie
PublisherReed Books, Sydney
Year Published1995
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Near Fine

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