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Chronica Maiora Of Thomas Walsingham (1376-1422), The

Walsingham, Thomas; Transl David Preest; James G C
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Thomas Walsingham s Chronica maiora is one of the most comprehensive and colourful chronicles to survive from medieval England. Walsingham was a monk at St Albans Abbey, a royal monastery and the premier repository of public records, and therefore well placed to observe the political machinations of this period at close hand. Moreover, he knew the monarchs and many of the nobles personally and is able to offer insights into their actions unmatched by any other authority. It is this chronicle, transmitted through popular Tudor histories, that informed some of the central dramas of Shakespeare s History cycle. Covering almost fifty years, the narrative provides the most authoritative account of one of the most turbulent periods in English history, from the last years of Edward III (1376-77) to the premature death of Henry V (1422). Walsingham describes the many dramas of this period in vivid detail, including the Peasants Revolt (1381), the deposition and murder of Richard II (1399-1400), The Welsh revolt of Owain Glyn Dwr (1403) and Henry V s victory at Agincourt (1415); they are brought to life here in this new translation. pp. viii, 471 #1116

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AuthorWalsingham, Thomas; Transl David Preest; James G C
PublisherBoy dell Press, UK
Year Published2005
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