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Art Of Clyde Caldwell, The

Clyde Caldwell


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Clyde Caldwell (born February 20, 1948 in Gastonia, North Carolina) is an American artist. Self-described as a fantasy illustrator, he is best known for his portrayals of strong, sexy female characters.

FANTASY ART Graphic Novel #0821

With his work at TSR in the 1980s, he is considered one of the artists contributing to fantasy art’s “golden age”.
“Since the 1980s, Clyde Caldwell’s artwork has been used for books, games and so on. His artwork, dealing with everything from horror, fantasy and sci-fi, is one of the best. The focus seems to be on sexy, lovely ladies and it’s even better when you realize he uses real models! A must for any library about art books or fantasy books.”

“I was familiar with this artist due to work he did for Wizards of the Coast. His art tends to capture moods of fantasy novels, role playing games, etc. in ways that are, in my opinion, unmatched.

So I got this book. I was not disappointed. Some of the images I was familiar with. Others I was not.

However, one thing needs to be said about this collection’s breadth. The material ranges from sci-fi to gothic, and from fantasy to horror. Material is provided from book covers, calendars, inside printed plates, art collections, etc.”

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AuthorClyde Caldwell
Number of pages128
Year Published2002
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