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Crime & Criminology Fifth Edition

Rob White, Fiona Haines, Nicole Asquith
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Crime and Criminology 5e analyses the causes of crime, while exploring the major theories and perspectives that attempt to explain criminal behaviour in our society. The fifth edition of this very popular book provides an accessible and engaging introduction to all the major theories and approaches to crime, including classical theory, biological and psychological positivism, strain theory, labelling, Marxism, feminism, new right, left realism, republicanism and critical theory. It encourages students to debate, compare and question different perspectives and theories of criminology. Highlights of this edition: Incorporates discussion of new trends in criminological theory New ‘From Theory to Practice’ feature offers readers an opportunity to see theory in action, and evaluate the ways in which these theories are employed by criminologists in their analysis of contemporary criminological issues. Comprehensively revised and updated throughout. pp. ix, 333 #0120

Additional Information

AuthorRob White, Fiona Haines, Nicole Asquith
PublisherOxford University Press, Melbourne
Year Published2012
Binding Type