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Infantry Drill Regulations United States Army 1911


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In use during USA involvement in World War I. The following system of Drill Regulations for Infantry is approved and published for the information and government of the Regular Army and the Organized Militia of the United States. With a view to ensure uniformity throughout the Army, all infantry drill formations not embraced in this system are prohibited. This represents the state of knowledge and the state of practice at the time the United States Army was engaged in overseas combat operations during the First World War. Success in battle is the ultimate object of all military training; success may be looked for only when the training is intelligent and thorough. Commanding officers are accountable for the proper training of their respective organizations within the limits prescribed by regulations and orders. The excellence of an organization is judged by its field efficiency. The field efficiency of an organization depends primarily upon its effectiveness as a whole. Thoroughness and uniformity in the training of the units of an organization are indispensable to the efficiency of the whole; it is by such means alone that the requisite teamwork may be developed. The Drill Regulations are furnished as a guide. They provide the principles for training and for increasing the probability of success in battle. The principles of combat are considered in Part II of these regulations. They are treated in the various schools included in Part I only to the extent necessary to indicate the functions of the various commanders and the division of responsibility between them. The amplification necessary to a proper understanding of their application is to be sought in Part II. Drill, combat, marches and camps, ceremonies and inspections, as well as manuals are all addressed. (Withdrawn” – Library University of Wyoming – label on fpd and ink blackout on title page. As shown in image.) #0120


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PublisherU.S. War Department, Office of the Chief of Staff
Year Published1914
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VG+ (Very Good plus)

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Hardcover original cloth binding.