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Anime Figures: Tokyo’s Hottest 50 Figurines

Clive France, Yoshio Shimono
ISBN: 9781932897418Category:


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If you like your women sassy, sophisticated and synthetic, then get in line, ‘cos anime figures are hot and getting hotter! The half-naked lumps of plastic that line the shelves of Japan’s otaku stores ooze such sex appeal that demand and supply might as well live on different planets. That’s all well and good if you’re The Man, but with prices as high as a Tokyo tenth-grader’s skirt, how’s the ‘real fan’ of My-Hime, ToHeart2, or even Night Shift Nurses, ever gonna get his hands on his significant other?The answer is “Anime Figures: Tokyo’s Hottest 50 Figurines”. For much less than the price of one figure, 50 of the hottest girls to come out of Tokyo’s sexiest anime productions are introduced in gorgeous, glossy full color. Some you already know – Rei Ayanami from Neon Genesis Evangelion, Mizuho Kazami from Please Teacher! – and some you’re gonna wish you knew – Mizuki Tasake from Comic Party, and ‘bodacious bovine babe’ Sanae Aizawa. Totally authentic, totally hot, this sizzling collection of PVC pin-ups is a must for every red-blooded anime fan. It contains PVC nudity.

Additional Information

AuthorClive France, Yoshio Shimono
Number of pages80
PublisherDH Publishing Inc
Year Published2008