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Rise and Decline of the State, The

Creveld, Martin van
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Introduction; Part I. Before the State: Prehistory to 1300 AD: 1. Tribes without rulers; 2. Tribes with rulers (chiefdoms); 3. City states; 4. Empires, strong and weak; 5. Limits of stateless societies; Part II. The Rise of the State: 1300-1648: 6. The struggle against the church; 7. The struggle against the empire; 8. The struggle against the nobility; 9. The struggle against the towns; 10. The monarch’s triumph; Part III. The State as an Instrument: 1648-1789: 11. Building the bureaucracy; 12. Creating the infrastructure; 13. Monopolizing violence; 14. The growth of political theory; 15. Inside the Leviathan; Part IV. The State as an Ideal: 1789-1945: 16. The great transformation; 17. Disciplining the people; 18. Conquering the money; 19. The road to total war; 20. The apotheosis of war; Part V. The Spread of the State: 1696-1975: 21. Into Eastern Europe; 22. The Anglo-Saxon Experience; 23. The Latin American experiment; 24. Frustration in Asia and Africa; 25. What everybody has .; Part VI. The Decline of the State: 1975-: 26. The waning of major war; 27. The retreat of welfare; 28. Technology goes international; 29. The threat to international order; 30. The withdrawal of faith; Conclusion: beyond the state. pp.viii, 439 #020915/0816x

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AuthorCreveld, Martin van
PublisherCambridge University Press
Year Published1999
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VG+ (Very Good plus)

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