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Women on the Warpath: Feminists of the First Wave

Davidson, Dianne
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Formed in 1909, the Women’s Service Guilds of Western Australia were prominent in the country’s first wave of feminism. This history covers such topics as the conflicts between the various Guilds, the influence of theosophy, the newspaper Dawn, and the decline of the Guilds. This book recounts the formation of the Women’s Service Guilds in 1909, and their wide-ranging activities, primarily in Western Australia aswell as on the national and international scene. It chronicles the power struggles both within the Guilds and with other feminist organisations, and its eventual decline in the 1970s. First Edition. pp. xvi, 320 illusts #0318

Additional Information

AuthorDavidson, Dianne
PublisherUniversity of Western Australia Press
Year Published1997
Binding Type