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Encyclopedia of Occultism & Parapsychology (2 volume set) 4th Edition

J. Gordon Melton, Leslie Shepard (eds.)
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More than 300 new entries cover recent phenomena, concepts, cults, personalities, organizations and publications. Prominent individuals and personalities in this field are covered and entries on particular countries trace the development of occultism and parapsychology in each. In certain controversial areas, the case both for and against has been indicated with sources noted for further study. General and topical indexes are included to aid quick research.
pp. 1511 illusts. 4th edition. #050222 SCARCE Very competitively priced!
(ex-library, but only a stamp and the remains of a label on prelims mar what is otherwise a FINE 2 volume set. No visible external markings.)
NOTE: This set is exceptionally large and heavy (5 kgs) and will incur significant additional postage cost if ordered via Abebooks and/or overseas.
18 Extrasensory Perception ESP 19 Eyeless Sight 20 Glossolalia or Xenoglossis 21 Hallucinogenic Experience includes Drugs and Psychedelics 22 H…
24 Hypnotism 25 Levitation 26 Materialization
27 Mediums includes Psychics and Healers
28 Mesmerism 29 MetalBending 30 Multiple Personality 31 Ouija Board 32 OutoftheBody Experience Astral Projection
33 Pendulum Divination 34 Planchette 35 Poltergeist 36 Possession and Exorcism 37 Precognition includes Premonition and Prediction
38 Psi 39 Psychic Photography 40 Psychic Surgery 41 Psychokinesis PK
42 Psychometry ObjectReading 43 Raps 44 Shellhearing 45 Slatewriting 46 Somnambulism 47 Spirit Communication
48 Stigmata 49 Tableturning Tabletipping 50 Telekinesis 51 Telepathy ThoughtTransference

Topical Indexes 1445 A Paranormal Phenomena 1 Animal Magnetism 2 Animals Psychic 3 Apparitions includes Ghosts and Phantoms
4 Apports 5 Asports 6 Automatic Writing 7 Bilocation includes Double 8 Card Guessing 9 Clairaudience 10 Clairvoyance
11 Crop Circles 12 CrossCorrespondence 13 Crystal Gazing or Scrying 14 Direct Voice 15 Direct Writing
16 Dowsing includes Divining Rod Water Witching and Radiesthesia 17 Elongation
52 Teleportation B Periodicals
C Societies and Organizations
General Index

Additional Information

AuthorJ. Gordon Melton, Leslie Shepard (eds.)
Number of pagespp. 1511
PublisherGale / Cengage Learning
Year Published1996 4th revised edition
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