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Snouts In The Trough: A True Story Of The Underworld And The Brotherhood Behind The Badge

Andrew Fraser
ISBN: 9781740669177Category:


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This new book from Andrew Fraser will blow the lid open on the hidden world behind certain sections of Australian policing. These are true stories that you won’t read in the papers or see on the news. They may have been alluded to before but they’ve only skimmed the surface. Like the revelations that prompted the Fitzgerald Inquiry and the Wood Royal Commission, for the unsuspecting public these will shock and appall. How millions of dollars in drugs escaped onto the streets. How police corruption contributed to the gangland killings. How pockets were lined with the proceeds of crime. How the ‘brotherhood’ operates in this country and the benefits they reap. This gripping real-life tale of corruption reveals a brotherhood, with hierarchies, rituals and codes of conduct; how favours paid are returned in kind; how money spreads out among the few; how protecting your mates comes in above protecting others – a force riddled with rorts that leads down a path to murder and extortion. pp. 292 (name on prelim) #0120

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AuthorAndrew Fraser
PublisherHardie Grant
Year Published2010
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VG+ (Very Good plus)

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