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Spell Castings: Practical Magick for Daily Life

Moon, Sister
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Have you ever lit a pink candle on a Friday night and thought about the love you would like to have in your life? Maybe even closed your eyes and pictured that perfect person? Have you ever walked into a room, known you were not alone, and said a prayer for protection? Have you ever looked at a telephone, wishing it would ring, and it did? If you have had these or similar experiences, you have put the cosmic forces of the universe to work without even realizing it. Imagine what would happen if you decided to consciously focus your energy, willing these things to happen. Would they? Spell Castings contains more than 100 easy-to-use, practical spells to help you achieve and accomplish your dreams. Spell Castings can be performed by the experienced Witch, but are easy enough for the novice. Specific procedures–including the use of various supplies needed to cast the spells–are completely explained. Spell Castings is divided into color-coded chapters to help you determine which spell you desire to cast. For example, the purple chapter includes spells to become more psychic or to help you perform more intuitive readings. If you were seeking a money spell or better employment spell, you would look under the green chapter. The color-coded appendix will lead you to the areas you are most interested in casting. 240315

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AuthorMoon, Sister
Number of pages287
PublisherNew Page Books
Year Published2006
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