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NEWLOOK 1985 8508 August Vol. 01 No.04


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Newlook August 1985 Magazine UPC: 077884908 Volume 1 Issue # 4 Number 4 TABLE OF CONTENTS COVER This month’s cover features Heidi Niemala, who was photographed by Tak Kojima. He used a Bronica ETR 35mm camera, a 150mm lens, and Ektachrome 400 film. For more about Tak Kojima’s unusual effects, turn to the Newlook” section on page 146. FEATURES 20 Spar Wars Fighting Medieval-Style. Photos: Andrew & Viviane Holbrooke 30 A Fox to the Finish Photos: T. de Héry/Lynx/Gamma 41 A Soap Dish Photos: Jacques Bergaud 46 Muscle Hustle Bodybuilders Cashing In. Photos: Michael Neveux 54 A Woman With No Name Photos: Helmut Witkraft 1983 Presse Office S.A (LUI) 64 Stop Killing the Whales The Atrocity Continues. Photos: Klaus D. Francke 74 Wild Strife Battles of the Animal Kingdom. Photos: Yann Arthus Bertrand 87 A Wives’ Tale Photos: Michael Moore 100 A Change of Season Photos: Stephen Hicks 110 State of Trance Shiva worshippers. Photos: Alain Cheneviere 120 Leadsledding Customized cars. Photos: Hubert Croisile/Bernard Dufourg/Remy Hourlier


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PublisherBob Guccione, Penthouse Magazine
Year Published1985
Book Condition