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NEWLOOK 1985 8510 October Vol. 01 No.06


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Erotic Photography. Scarce. Penthouse Newlook October 1985 Magazine UPC: 02926077884910 Volume 1 Issue # 6 TABLE OF CONTENTS 20 Raging Bullfighters Send in the Clowns. Photos: Jeffrey Blackman, David E. Kennedy/Black Star 30 Material Girl Photo Thierry de Hery 42 Only in Miami Don’t Let the Co-ops Pass Me By. Photos: Mary Ellen Mark 56 Postcards from Paris Photos: Dahmane 66 Swept Away Going Overboard for Boardsailing. Photos: Arnaud de Rosnay/Sygma 77 Jungle Fever Photos: Jean Clarence 90 A Night’s Work at Area Fashion, Obsession, Sex. Photos: Volker Hinz 98 Cowgirl About Town Photos: Siwer Ohlsson 106 Harley’s Angels Made, Not Born, To Be Wild. Photos: Alain Ernoult/ Aeroflight 114 Answered Prayers Photos: Siwer Ohlsson 126 Tangling With a Rattler It’s No Skin Off His Back. Photos: Stern/ Black Star

Additional Information

PublisherBob Guccione, Penthouse Magazine
Year Published1985
Book Condition