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NEWLOOK 1985 8506 June Vol. 01 No.02


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This month’s cover features one of Europe’s stunning starlets, Ursula Feltner, photographed, as was our premier issue, by Raoul Ahoup. He used a Nikon F3 camera, a Nikkor 135mm lens, Kodachrome64 film and a single-head Balcor strobe on either side of the subject. For more of Ursula, see pictorial entitled Triple Exposure” starting on page 32.
24 Bloodthirsty Bandits of the Savanna
Hyenas on the loose.
Photos: Yann Arthus-Bertrand
32 Triple Exposure
Photos: Raoul Ahoup
40 Against All Odds
Stuntmen and their death-defying feats.
Photos: Outline/Jet Set/Denis Taranto
56 Nadia’s Fear of Flying
Photos: Francis Giacobetti
64 Lords of the Cockpit
Cockfighting continues.
Photos: Jean-Guy Jules/Ana
74 Sugar & Spikes
Photos: Byron Newman
84 Racking Up the Suckers
The pool sharks take aim.
Photos: Robert Stern/Lynx
93 Stolen Kisses
Photos Jacques Bergaud/ Pin-Up
100 Mad King Ludwig in Fairyland
Fantastic castles.
Photos: Evelyn Hofer Archive/Cosmos
110 Natasha A Girl with a Main Frame
Photos: Raoul Ahoup
120 A Hard Day’s Night
Photos: J.-P Nacivet/Ana/Adriano Heitman


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PublisherBob Guccione
Year Published1985
Book Condition