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NEWLOOK 1985 8507 July Vol. 01 No.03


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Scarce. Erotic Photography.

  • Lords of the Sword
  • Hounds for Glory
  • Erotic Aerobics
  • Driven Passions
  • 20 Dog Day Afternoon
    Greyhound Racing.
    Photos: Zimmermann/Chito/Ana/D.P.P.I.
    32 The Bride Wore Black
    Photos: Raoul Ahoup © 1983 Presse Office S.A.(LUI)
    40 One Good Bite Deserves Another
    Hunting Sea Snakes.
    Photos: Christian Zuber
    48 Le Paris de Pascale
    Photos: Elvis Conti © 1983 Presse Office S.A.(LUI)
    60 Land of the Rising Blade
    The Samurai Lives.
    Photos: Stern/Lynx/Tom Jacobi/Yo Kobayashi
    69 Abstract Desire
    Photos: Frank Rheinboldt
    78 River of No Return
    Down the Colorado.
    Photos: John Blaustein/Woodfin Camp & Associates/Cosmos
    92 Sun Dance
    Photos: Otto Weisser © 1983 Presse Office S.A.(LUI)
    100 The Reigns of Spain
    Beautiful Castles.
    Photos: Stern/Lynx
    108 Sweet Punishment
    Photos Raoul Ahoup 1983 Presse Office S.A.(LUI)
    116 Special Editions
    One-of-a-Kind Cars.
    Photos. Stern/Lynx/Michael Zumbrunn


Additional Information

PublisherBob Guccione, Penthouse Magazine
Year Published1985
Book Condition